Three Software Packages That Can Help Transform The Productivity Of Any Size Organization


One of the easiest ways to enhance the productivity of an organization is to utilize technology to streamline processes and collaboration between every department in an organization. While it may sound complicated, the right software makes it easy. The following are the top three software solutions that can help increase the effectiveness and reliability of any process. Any company looking to improve its IT infrastructure should start by implementing the following programs.


In the past, the only option a company had to create their private network was to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and house the servers on-site. Many companies are choosing to do away with large servers and instead rely on the cloud, as it can allow them to scale their needs instantly. Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform and can take any large server room to the clouds, and can help increase network reliability.

Great Plains

The financial documents of an agency are essential to determining possible issues, and can also be a critical part of maintaining a project and ensuring that a team is not going over budget on expenses. Great Plains provides a user-friendly interface and can make the process of managing a company’s finances easy by providing integration with nearly all of Microsoft’s existing software. This allows employees to have access to the financial information they need and without requiring advanced accounting knowledge to understand it.

Team Foundation Server

Collaboration is essential for any type or size company, and Team Foundation Server (TFS) provides a seamless platform for a variety of applications to work with one another. This can help increase a company’s ability to get work complete and ensure every member of a team is on the same page. Don’t struggle with inadequate collaboration tools, when TFS can transform any application into a powerful tool that will enable simple online collaboration.

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