A New Post Details the Value of Working with Microsoft Network Partners


Microsoft remains a key source of software, services, and support for businesses around the world. With the company’s “Azure” branded cloud infrastructure now gathering momentum, that seems likely to become even more the case in the future.

Even if Microsoft might no longer seem to be as dominant as it once was on the consumer facing side of the technology industry, it therefore remains hugely influential when it comes to businesses. As a new VALiNTRY article points out, businesses can do themselves a favor by seeking out Microsoft certified partners of their own to work with.

Certified Partners are Better Positioned to Find and Recommend the Most Suitable Options

Microsoft today offers everything from shrink-wrapped productivity software and operating systems to cloud-hosted computing resources that can be ordered and obtained in any conceivable fashion. With such a vast array of products and services in its lineup, the company has long been aware that businesses can have trouble finding the best selection for their own needs.

While Microsoft’s own salespeople can sometimes help, it has developed another resource that more frequently turns out to be valuable. Its Microsoft Partner Network consists of consultants and companies that have proven to be deeply familiar with what it has to offer.

Businesses that insist on working with such providers can with that single stroke greatly improve their odds of success. Instead of never being sure whether a company which a business looks to for support is truly informed and capable, being able to rely on Microsoft’s stamp of approval enables far more confidence in every case.

Informed Access to the Full Range of Microsoft Options Makes Success Much More Likely

Many businesses have experienced the frustration that comes from working with an IT company which seems determined to recommend particular solutions no matter how suitable they might be. The reality of the industry is that many IT support companies simply lack the breadth of knowledge it takes to accurately assess all the available options.

Certified Microsoft Partners, on the other hand, will always be better positioned to assess a huge range of potential solutions. That makes finding the one which will suit a particular set of needs the best far more likely, on average.

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